The 5 Most Popular Types of Bread in America

From the toast you’ll find on your breakfast platter in Texas to the deli sandwiches at your office catering in Newtown, PA, bread is one of America’s favorite foods. A staple of the American diet, consumers now have more types of bread to choose from when they enter the grocery store—and options go far beyond white and wheat.

Have you ever wondered which types of bread are the most popular? Let’s take a look at what Americans are buying for their family in the bread aisle.

  • Number 1: Whole wheat or multigrain. Many Americans are surprised to learn that the most popular type of bread in the country isn’t white, but whole wheat. In 2019, about 193 million shoppers said that they bought whole wheat or multigrain bread for their home.
  • Number 2: White. The second most-purchased type of bread in the country, white bread has a history that dates back as far as the late 1800s. The option remains a crowd-pleaser to this date, with about 133 million Americans saying they bought white bread most often.
  • Number 3: Italian. “Italian” is a catch-all term that refers to any type of bread that originated in Italy. This category includes bread like ciabatta, Piadina, and panettone. About 51 million people say that Italian bread is their first choice when grocery shopping.
  • Number 4: French. When most people think of French bread, the first thing they imagine is the country’s signature long baguette. In fact, the word “baguette” directly translates to “a stick,” referring to the bread’s distinct shape. However, different types of French bread also grace store shelves across the country, including brioche and pain de campagne, a type of rye bread. About 46 million Americans prefer to purchase French bread over any other kind.

From rye to whole wheat, everyone has their favorite type of bread. And at Slack’s Hoagie Shack, we offer multiple bread choices for your corporate catering in Newtown, PA—along with a wide range of other delicious options once your coworkers can return to the office. Give our team a call today at 855-7-HOAGIE to order! 

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