A Guide for Stay-At-Home Date Night

While we do provide catering delivery in Newtown, PA, the Slack’s Hoagie Shack team has often had customers order takeout or delivery for a quick dinner, a meal at sporting events, or as the beginning of an impromptu date night in some cases.

History of the Sandwich

If you have had the best wings in Newtown, PA, you probably have also sampled Slack Hoagie Shack’s signature sandwiches. While it may be clear that hoagies and cheesesteaks are part of the modern American story, it wasn’t always the case.

The 5 Most Popular Types of Bread in America

From the toast you’ll find on your breakfast platter in Texas to the deli sandwiches at your office catering in Newtown, PA, bread is one of America’s favorite foods. A staple of the American diet, consumers now have more types of bread to choose from when they enter the grocery store—and options go far beyond […]

Three Dietary Restrictions You May Need to Accommodate

As a team leader or manager, it might be a fun idea to create a party where everyone on your team feels invited and included once everyone can return to the office. If you’re planning an office party or event, be sure to ask about all of your guests’ dietary needs well ahead of time. […]

How to Get in on the Tournament Action at the Office

Now that the NFL season is over, the eyes of sports fans all over the country are looking ahead to one of the most exciting traditions in college athletics: the college basketball tournament. Brackets will be announced on March 15, giving you just a few weeks to decide how you’re going to inject the excitement […]