How to Get in on the Tournament Action at the Office

Now that the NFL season is over, the eyes of sports fans all over the country are looking ahead to one of the most exciting traditions in college athletics: the college basketball tournament. Brackets will be announced on March 15, giving you just a few weeks to decide how you’re going to inject the excitement of college hoops into your office life. March presents great opportunities for your employees and co-workers, devoted fans and casual observers alike, to bond and have fun as your company’s Q1 draws to a close.  Here are some ways to get some gladness out of this tournament season:

Tune in to Games on Break Room and Lunch Room TVs

At first, this might sound like it would add to people’s distraction and decrease their productivity. But consider the fact that even when fans aren’t watching the game, they’re probably monitoring it on their computers or getting real-time updates on their phones. Instead of these constant distractions, you can help employees keep their love of the game separate from their duties on the job by giving them the chance to take breaks and watch the game without trying to do work at the same time. Multitasking is never good for productivity and never leads to top-quality work. Instead of forcing them to try to multitask, give your employees the chance to satisfy their longing for basketball without detracting from their job performance. 

Have Co-Workers Fill Out Brackets

Getting a perfect bracket is one of the ultimate goals among sports fans. No matter how many sports talk shows you watch and how much research you do, there are always going to be surprise teams and Cinderella stories. Encourage everyone in the office to fill out a bracket – even those who don’t closely follow college basketball. Maybe beginner’s luck will smile on them! 

Organize an Office Pool

No one knows who will come out on top when the tournament is over, but if everyone picks a different winner, someone will take the prize. Have everyone pick a favorite and fill out their brackets with what they think the result of each potential outcome will be. A tournament with 64 teams can yield over 9 quintilian possible combinations, so it’s unlikely any bracket will be identical. Once the tournament ends, the participant with the most correct predictions gets the jackpot! 

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