Three Tips When Choosing A Corporate Catering Service

Advice to Help With Your Decision:

Corporate Catering Across Philadelphia:

Here at Slack’s Hoagie Shack, we provide corporate catering in Newtown, PA, and surrounding areas. Our restaurant prepares some of the most mouthwatering food across the Philadelphia region. We have been serving our customers for over three decades and are known for our excellent customer service. We have been providing the tastiest hoagies and cheesesteaks for corporate events for over a generation.

Below are three tips to help you along with your corporate event planning journey:

Start by Deciding on Your Corporate Event Budget:

Before you start any corporate event planning, you need to determine your event budget. Be sure to decide exactly how much your company can spend on an event venue, catering service, decorations, and other details before you choose your caterer. After all, it would be a waste of time for both parties if you meet with a company you cannot afford.

Tally up an Approximate Head-Count Before Booking:

It’s likely that you will want your corporate event to be busy. While this is great for your company, catering companies will need to prepare in advance for this. Some caterers specialize in smaller, intimate events, others are better suited to larger events. This is why it’s important to find out an approximate headcount before booking your caterer. You’ll want to choose a catering company that knows how to handle the number of guests you are expecting.

Plan a Variety of Food Options:

Catering for corporate events can be a tricky process, especially considering some standard catering options are very similar and somewhat boring. To make your corporate event really exciting, it’s great to plan a menu with a variety of options. A competent catering service will be able to design a menu with options to suit all of your guests. So, sit down with your caterer and discuss the different menu options available, making sure they cater for every type of eater.

Here at Slack’s, we offer catering delivery in Richboro, PA, and other local areas, as well as cheesesteak trays and even 4-foot hoagies. Our restaurant has been serving the area for over 30 years, and we’re looking for many more. To contact us about your upcoming corporate event, click here now.

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